Out-of-our-landish at first sight.

Tilewa was borne out of the desire for a class that’s top-notch yet ‘original’. A Fashion style that matches and beats international standard while it stays true to its African roots. A collection of hand-made traditional African fabrics which tell tales of Africa’s diverse cultures, history and people needed an identity that captures in one piece the rich diversity “out of our land”.

Standing tall on the global stage, yet evidently from the roots.

We worked at a logo that would with all grace and confidence stand tall and distinct among the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and D&G and proudly takes it its unique place while staying true to the ingenuity of Africa.

Quality African fabric literally shipped out.

Our logo uses an abstract maze-like shape which reflects the internal craft of African fashion with a ‘letting-out’ of an internal stroke that is easily suggestive of the identity of the brand. The internal shapes are made to reflect a letter T that further differentiates this from similar maze-like abstract drawings.

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