Unveiling the new tribe

Nigeria's New Tribe

2017 was the Fourth

For the fourth consecutive year (since 2014) we handled visual communications and event branding for the Future Awards Africa (TFAA), which is the “most important awards for outstanding young Africans”, according to Forbes. In 2017, we had a new challenge, to represent an emerging generation of changemakers who knew no boundaries.

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Of tribes and differences

The award aimed to subtly confront the idea of cultural and ethnic segregation; creating a rallying identity for young people who strive to achieve their goals legally. A people not discriminatory towards other tribes and ready to embrace common grounds that are geared towards Societal Development.

Nigeria's New Tribe 2

Showcasing the New Tribe.

The theme for TFAA 2017 was Nigeria’s New Tribe and the goal was to celebrate and inspire a growing community of young people whose efforts are built around the values of equity, justice and economic development—the core to building great societies.

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12 years down, the awards have been a catalyst towards building a new tribe of citizens who are bound together by their potentials, relentless hard work and united by their soaring achievements. Having in mind that this was to be a rallypoint for the millennials, as well as the older generation, we delivered an identity that everyone could relate to and that visually represented expression without discrimination.

One tribe! Together

After intense conversations with our client, we understood the aim is to visually communicate the emphasised need for unity, tolerance, diversity and participatory governance. An identity for the exemplary Nigerians who do not subscribe to the idea of cultural, ideological or ethnic bias.

The interwoven circles, which were a key part of the visual identity helped to depict unity, community and the need to work together. It shows the focus on building a tribe around our mutual strengths.

With the typeface we reflected a work in progress that Nigeria’s unity and development is.. It also stays close to the craft and ingenuity, as the awards celebrated ability and gifts of Nigeria’s New tribe.

Nigeria's New Tribe 4

Creating Memories.

Working and walking hand in hands with our clients, we created one of the most endearing editions of The Future Africa Awards ever staged, surmounting the challenge of beating our own laurels. From the event branding, to the communication materials, social media creatives to invitation cards (The social media buzz that heralded people getting their invitation cards were massive. This year we went back to 2014, where it was shaped like the Map of the African continent, but this time, the cards were shaped around maps of some states chosen from the different geo-political zones); the visual branding has etched a lot of memories on the winners, participants, organisers, stakeholders, partners and the people. We were glad to help The Future Awards make a bold statement for 2017, which was that a new set of Nigerians was emerging, one that knew or respected no differences or discrimination.

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“I have shared this year's theme and mission with a number of guys on my team and I must say that this is set to be the most motivational TFAA project since 2014 that I/we have been a part of.” - Victor Fatanmi, our Art Director, after he received the brief from our clients.

We created history.

We were as inspired for the last, as we were for the first. 2014 to 2017.

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