An identity for drugs - open and for everyone

When RXAll began to build its AI-powered technology resource which is to eliminate institutional barriers to accessing safe and trusted drugs in Africa, we were right there to develop the logo that aptly fits to represent that cause.

RXAll is a "big data and Artificial Intelligence startup for drug authentication using spectrometry". Treading a yet-to-be-travelled path, the brand needed an identity that is both strong in representation and easy to relate with. The identity had to send the right messages and project the brand in the light of its mission.

Of Rx, serpent on the pole and all the earlier NO-NO

We were clear from the beginning our need for an identity that rebels against the institutional norm of the pharmaceutical industry. Upon discussion with the client, we also confirmed a mutual interest in this direction. The idea of the brand in itself has a clear revolutionary ambition and out initial thoughts and sketches was everything opposite the norm

How about a Rx that is 'acutally' for ALL?

The move was ours to make. In midst of applicable abstract ideas, we maximized the opportunity to turn around the typical conjoined R which was an insititutional symbol, in a creative way that clearly and evidently connects to 'All'. Drugs now for all, unlike how hard it always was. Apart from the the openness of access to users, our choice of colour was bout finding a meeting point between the typical similar shades for pharmaceuticals, and what is considered cool. Our typeface decision had to be one that worked with the mail idea and yet remained clear and muddled up.

A mission that everyone gets at first sight

Considering the goal of RXAll was not the everyday idea, the identity became a tool for faster communication of what is arguably unprecedented. The feel and colour also combines with the unique and clear visual message to create something that 'acutally' stays on the minds of people.

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