Filling the identity void for Refills

Pun intended. The innovative e-pharmacy (and healthcare) platform had it all covered, from data to technology and as the launch time drew closer to reality, they clearly did not want to miss the visual driver of all the disruptive innovation ahead. The platform needed a vibrant identity to push and sell the innovative solution to an audience that is as a matter of fact used to the norm

Message or inspiration? Both.

The first thing to think about is the obvious opportunity to creatively illustrate 'refilling' and we were ready to get to it and create something unique. But there was also the very important need for a conviction. The logo had to inspire people in the direction of access to quality intake.

How about was goes on right inside?

We developed an identity that maximized the name, expectedly to evoke the need for a filling, and more importantly - healthy, in the right proportion and effective filling. We combined the text with shapes to show internal process and activity. The red medical sign was adapted into a mark of access and quality in an overall visual composition that subtly draws attention to the need for quality pharmacy and healthcare. In what was a simple, memorable and identifiable log, we had it all covered and 'filled'.

Leading a clear message of assurance.

Leading an extensive brand promotion work that includes the website, vouchers, flyers and digital campaigns, the identity is quite doing the job as expected - inspiring people to the importance of qualitative healthcare which the brand promises and assures.

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