A face to media together and bold for change

RED is a Nigerian media group with a mission to inspire a large audience of African youth to think, act and grow in verifiable, trackable ways. The group is widely referred to as the continent's largest omni-media group focused on Africa's youth.

In December 2015, there came a need for a unifying brand as a Group. It was necessary because of a number of new and existing parallel brands growing fast across respective lines. The new brand had to be convincing and be a good representation of all the RED brands and the possibilities ahead of them.

Something like an identity crisis(not literally)

There was the confusion of identity. Red Media Africa was the communications firm alongside other sister brands and with the biggest fame. The general perception of the brands as related and unified was widely-held but with no clear understanding of how and under what label all the constituents fell in. There had always been the nomenclature; of the communications firm - as RED or Red Media Africa, and the former was just the waiting solution for an umbrella body. but then it had connect with the body parts and project the combined strength as whole.

Yes we will retain you, Mr Dankateur!

We analyzed the brand perception already earned by the individual brands - what people thought of each of them, which of the identities they had connected with best and this brought us to the decision to stay with the 'Dankateur' of Red Media Africa, with a further touch to it that reflected the abundance of talent, innovation and potential that the group carries as a formidable force of change

We are RED, formerly known as Red...

We used the bold weight of the Century Gothic font to compliment an ALL-CAPS RED written in black colour to do justice as it compliments the "hot RED ball"- in what unmistakenably reads 'RED' avoids 'Red'(as the company had always tried to avoid) and reflects a company that is all shades of BOLD, READY and 'MADE TO DO GREAT THINGS'.

The new logo maximizes the brevity of the name to give a sense of mission that every young African can relate to. Using the imaginative feel in the RED ball, we worked at a logo that literally says "We are RED- the media company that can do everything" - which is corporate maxim, without thinking twice.

Unto us a Group was born!

A thumbing launch of RED Group identity that effectively reigned supreme as a one-for-all identity for the group of companies. The audience of media enthusiasts and buyers was quick to connect with RED as the overall body that covered Red Media Africa, The Future Project, Generation Y(YNaija and co.) and StateCraft

The confusion of RED with Red Media Africa (now of the sub-brands) was laid to rest due to the visual strength of the new, straight-to-the-point identity that maximizes the name. Today, RED's brands continue to make ground-breaking exploits, an everybody knows which is which, without missing the unifying identity

Proudly RED Devils!

We have continued to work with RED on a retainer, serving the group's identity needs as well as that of the individual brands. We have developed brand identity for a number of sub-brands and ensured parallel visual awesomeness across board.

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