A new look to fit the discourse

Discussing Issues.

Politico Politica is a chat show on TV and YouTube, hosted by Isabella Akinseye and focused on x-raying different issues related to politics and governance in Nigeria.

Following a first season that premiered on September 30, 2018, on YouTube with an interview with presidential aspirant of the Advanced Allied Party, Chike Ukaegbu, the show has gone on to feature several candidates across different party lines and political positions—President, Governors and members of the National and State House of Assemblies.

Taking the conversation further

As Politico Politico prepared for a second season and the 2019 elections in full gear, we were engaged by Yellow Tamarind Productions (producer of the show) to rework the identity and give it a feel that was more intentional about being fit for the show’s target audience. There was the need to move from what was an improvised logo to a visual identity that reflects what the show represents and that all relevant stakeholders can relate to.

Politics for everyone

From our conversation with the host as well as watching previous episodes and reactions online, we understood the important role the show was poised to achieve—empower the voting population, especially the young, with the necessary information on the Nigerian political system, all towards helping them to make informed decisions. With ‘Politics for everyone’ as the tagline to fit, there is the convergence of diversity, objectivity and socio-political perspectives, from and for people who care about conversations, knowledge and active participation, as well as the ones the show can influence in that direction.

Politico Politica Old to New

Emphasizing the right things

To reposition Politico Politica in the minds of people, we needed the modern and youth-centric appeal, with a simple, abstract, yet easily suggestive depiction. We worked towards an identity that connects with the goal of bringing up and sustaining the conversations that matter. The visual composition of the new logo is centred around a stand-out and highlighted letter “i” to represent the mission of the show to promote political discourse for everyone and empower voters. Think about the raised hand of the electorates to stand for what they believe in and who they eventually support in the quest for a better Nigeria.

Politico Politica Logo

A distinct red is highlighted in contrast to the dominant blue to bring some sort of energy and excitement that connects well with the urgency and alertness that key issues should get, at a time this important to the future of the nation. This was also reflected across the visual identity brand identity system: patterns, posters etc.

Now we are talking

Since the launch of the new identity, viewers have expressed excitement about the rightness of the new look. With over 8,000 views of the first 2 episodes released after the launch of the new identity, there indeed was no better time to get it right.

Politico Politica Logo Animation
Politico Politica
Politico Politica
Politico Politica Youtube Flyer
Politico Politica
Politico Politica
Politico Politica
I’ve always been a big fan of FourthCanvas and working with them on Politico Politica with Isabella Akinseye made me to really appreciate the level of hard work, skill and commitment they put into each project. They took on board my ideas and were able to create a new identity that kept the essence of the show from the beginning. They took away the guesswork and trial and error. Having related with different members of the team during the process, I can authoritatively say that teamwork makes the dream work. And together we created magic. I am very happy with the new look of the show and I can’t wait to work with FourthCanvas on another show. Well done!
-Isabella (Show Host)

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