An identity for music review that’s proudly blunt.

With a name intended as a nonconformist way of spelling Pivot - which originally connects with a goal to write reviews that are pivotal in the conversations surrounding music - Paivot had to find a face to it that is one half weird and the other ‘relevant’.

Weird goals.

Our creative process took us down various paths of entirely weird to mildly weird, to weird that still makes some sense but yet unmistakably weird. It had to be simple, clear, straight-to-the-point, interesting and most importantly, different.

If the type doesn’t, what will?

We thought about a logo where the letters actually do the job - creating an interesting illustration that is weirdly so exact and unforgettably memorable. The letter for the axis and the P for the ‘paivotizing’.

The audience gets the message too well.

For odd, blunt and straight-to-it, our truly weird clients (they don’t think this is rude) felt it was just the perfect answer. We really think so too. But not just us, the target audience of young and music-savvy people readily give the nod of “yea we got that, cool sturve” and the vibe of reception has been really as envisioned.

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