The heights of opportunities

Ondo State is blessed with a myriad of resources. It is home to Oil and gas, bitumen, arable land for different crops(Cocoa, Cassava, Rubber, Palm etc), an amazing shoreline and various tourist opportunities.


The goal was to show the readiness of the state to connect, be open to investments and other projects that will lead to the socio-economic transformation of the state.

The government needed an agency to be at the forefront of this drive and we came in to deliver a brand identity that readily communicated the intentions of the state and the opportunities therein.

The Ondo Development and Investment Promotion Agency (ONDIPA) was born and we were saddled with the responsibility to give it an identity.


The Sun Still Shines

In our chat with the client, they shared their love to stick with some of the features of the current state identity—like the orange colour and the “O” with the sun rays. With the rays in mind, we went to work to ensure that the state shines in its journey to attract investment that will take the economic development of the state to the next level.

For ONDIPA, we went deeper

The Ondo Development and Investment Promotion Agency is set up by the state government to execute plans and projects that will reflect the state as a viable place for investment and development.


With this in view, we had to depict the state as a nodal point between geopolitical zones—access points to the rest of the country; the hub of investment opportunities and the immediate need to unlock the various potential points of the state.

It had to be deep and we created an ONDIPA identity that went deeper!

Giving the Sunshine State a new ray

ONDIPA has established itself as a brand that can engender increased investment opportunities.

The brand identity stands out as the individual elements of the logo, carrying the different messages and combines well to project the state as a hub of investment, whilst also readily communicating its opportunities.

Our elegant identity for ONDIPA has been at the forefront of distinguishing the agency as a top-notch partner in development; it is distinctive, it readily communicates what the agency stands for and is an identity that clients, employees and the people can proudly showcase.


We did not stop at just delivering a logo, we went further to create an identity based iconography that covered in depth the operations of the agency. The customised icons meant that, at any level of interaction with the touchpoints of ONDIPA, people could see a harmonised detail of the set objectives of the brand.

ONDIPA Animated Icons

A Pattern that Shows the Feel


We also developed well thought out creative patterns aimed at etching ONDIPA in the minds of people who came across the identity. At different levels of the agency, there was something to interact with—a logo, the icons or the patterns. This gives a reinforcing experience and creates an indelible memory when brand assets related to the agency are displayed.


An identity that is rich is the least we could do to represent the vast possibilities of investment opportunities in Ondo State. We gave the sunshine state, a new ray.

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