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How do you reflect joy in a design?

This formed the basis of our design process as we launched out on a journey to create an identity for Joy, Inc.—a company with a mission to spread happiness across Africa.


Depicting a jump out of sadness and depression, we tapped into a pictorial brush-like feel that psychologically connects us to the freedom to dare and learn. The play times and a possibility of a life of contentment x-rayed by a child —which aptly represents the focus of the brand.

JOY Logo White and Yellow

Joy as a global movement

We ignite the feeling of the readiness to abandon long-held notions and learn a better way of life via evidence-based engagements to help change the global narrative about acceptable success metrics—in policy, business, economics, education, social movements and government.

The main aim was to create an identity which is a rallying point for a borderless and global JOY movement.

Happier citizens building better societies

The identity unmistakably carries the message. You see it at first glance and you can almost feel the happiness. On the long run, this is about the endless possibilities of a joyful society which results from helping nations create spaces of vulnerability, compassion, and altruism, using the latest thinking on human-centred models of economic growth and participatory democracies.

Beyond balloons and dreams

There is this child-like thrill that comes with painting. It is free of discrimination or fear of perfection. The identity represents a joy that sparks regardless of the superficial—a joy that is impressed on and expressed from the soul. It is joy, the way it is, beyond balloons and dreams.

JOY Brand Scene
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