Integrated Learning; Seamless design

Established to provide a carefully designed integrated learning experience, a stimulating learning environment and an excellent service experience, the lofty expectations of an unprecedented "the ILX Center" needed an identity that appropriately carried the envisioned brand.

An Identity that embodies the brand's key values

There was a number of key themes that defined what the iLx Center was about. We thought about the beautiful possibilities that could result from visually representing an open system carefully designed for the goal of proper education

An Identity for the mission

We employed a cut-through style that made a system structure out of the flame orange rectangle. With a positive direction of the shapes in a way that flows seamlessly with the lettering, we delivered an identity that is aptly suggestive of the organizational mission as well as unmistakable and agile.

Successfully inspiring learning

Given that education is a lot about the system as well as the condition (physical and mental) factors that surround the process, the iLx Center identity has been a huge vision placard for the objectives and goals of the brand. The visual composition readily reflects the key aspirations of learning - growth, development and moving forward.

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