Designing an Identity that’s rich, fresh and assorted

Doja Culinary Company (est. 2016), was born out of a need for a sustainable and conscientious food company that does not compromise quality, taste and service details and is still flexible to different client needs and affordable for all.

Culinary with a spice to it and an old logo that lacked the same.

In the client’s words, the old logo was “not it”. DOJA’s brand story, vibe and intended customer service culture needed something that reflected the unique selling points of the brand. There was the need to develop a new identity that felt better like DOJA. The identity had to be convincing and suggestive of the quality offering.

A truly desirable DOJA

Doja (pronounced Door-jah) is a Yoruba phrase that means to become accessible, desirable and highly sought after. Hence there is a lot about hand-selected ingredients and custom made beautiful interpretations of indigenous and continental dishes and beverages. Food home delivery service is something the traditional Nigerian audience is just getting used to and so we had to think about a design that was convincing enough to get the much-needed attention. Our design had to invite, convert and convince.

Visualizing the value proposition

We developed a logo that intentionally shows so much to reflect the ‘wealth’, variety and access to same, even as it sums up into a simply evident image of cooking (great food); the company’s core solution - with the chief Chef spoon that makes ‘everything’ happen in the midst of so much (variety).

Most Sought After - Ms. DOJA

The brand is the rave of so many satisfied customers who effectively retain - effortlessly - an identity that is easily connected to the customer experience. Everyone wants a taste of DOJA and the identity does its job to connect and represent this desire.

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