An identity that Rethinks Africa

In 2017, The Africa Business Conference - annual event organised by the Lagos Business School to generate discourse and exchange of ideas towards the sustainable development of business in Africa - was about driving disruptive thoughts towards developing new business models poised to combat the problems of doing business in Africa. The conference was focused on maximizing the continent's potentials. There was the need to create an identity that portrays this and enhances the sustained perception of the annual event as one of Africa’s most relevant business gatherings.

Disruptive thinking should mean disruptive design

We set out to create an identity that drives the peculiar message - “disruptive thinking and discourse”, even as it stays identifiable with the overall tone of identity for the conference as set by our widely acclaimed 2016 identity design for the event. We created designs that covered all elements of communication, digital media, traditional marketing and in-hall branding at the event. The “disruptive thinking” identity was wholly implemented across all media.

Visual elements for Africa

From colours to the design elements, we consciously stayed as far as possible from the typical, and focused on developing a design that is unique, true and closer to the peculiarities of Africa and its developing terrain. As part of of our design building and sketch process, we amassed a collage of icons that represented a variety of items which resonate with Africa and technology; and these constituted a list of elements featured in the subsequent branding and advertising materials.

A lasting conference experience

With a resulting vibrant identity that set a lot of technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the mood, the event was a complete visual experience that embodied the key goals of the conference - rethinking business models for the future of Africa. The event brought together the brightest minds from across Africa and beyond who had an experience that is not to be forgotten in a short while.

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